Azerbaijani fake news spreaders are trying to turn all the arrows about new supplies of «Bayraktars» of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Turkey

One of the main Azerbaijani state agitprops Caliber.az, today stated that «Armenian sources are actively spreading information that Turkey and Azerbaijan (!) are supplying Ukraine with attack drones. We find it difficult to comment on anything about Turkey. But for the Azerbaijani armed forces, don’t even hope about it…». The statement of another Azerbaijani fake news spreader haqqin.az referring to the statement of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Alexey Reznikov, confirms the receipt by Ukraine of a new batch of «Bayraktars».

There is already official confirmation of the supply of UAVs from the Turkish side. We will wait for confirmation of Azerbaijani supplies and the participation of Turkish-Azerbaijani operators.

Where did your motto «one nation, two states» gone? Or, something has been changed after the signing of the Declaration on Allied Interaction between Russia and Azerbaijan, and in accordance with your style, you betrayed your «Sultan Erdogan» and want to please Russia.

In any case, even if you are trying to play a double game, there won’t be need to wait long, and time will soon tear off your hypocritical mask once again.